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Long Reed Goose Call
« on: November 17, 2019, 10:32:40 PM »
Hello everyone.  So this past year, I not only got hooked on making duck calls but I got into making my own long reed goose calls. Most everything I have seen and tried before was a short reed goose call, but, I owned a Ken Martin long reed Goose Call and loved the sound so I decided to set out and try to make my own long reed calls.

After beating my head against the wall  :stickman1: I dont know how many times and tossing many an insert and tone board into the trash, I finally came up with a couple calls that I loved the sound of. In fact, I had both call wedges and tone boards sent off to 2 different companies to have the wedge and tone board reproduced.

Once I had the reproductions back, it made my goose call making one heck of a lot easier. I just wanted everything on my calls to be mine and nothing purchased that wasnt from my own makings.

One thing I did do though by accident was that my wedge, reed (which are all hand made to fit each call), and tone board fit a 31/64" hole in the exhaust.  I was shooting for a 1/2" hole but this is just what i ended up with and it works for me so that is what I have.

So now that I have these long reed goose calls, I am actually hooked more on my goose calls (Goose Pond Goose Calls) than I am on my duck calls (Goose Pond Duck Calls) even though I am hooked on both.

Here are a couple pictures of what my long reed set ups look like with a couple of my calls.

I actually am selling not only my goose and duck calls, but, I am also selling the wedges, tone boards, and reeds.  All three parts are for sale so if anyone is interested in trying a long reed goose call, give me a hollar.

Thanks and hope this helps some and if you have more questions, dont hesitate to shoot me a pm or question here.

Rick Martin