Author Topic: Basics when learning to tune toneboards  (Read 169460 times)

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Re: Basics when learning to tune toneboards
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Thank you very much, it is appreciated.  That is what I was looking for :)

I have been working on my own jig from scratch and have a decent sound, but I need to tweak something as the sound is still just a little high and raspy for my own liking.  That is why I wanted the information for the diagram.  Notes Notes Notes, and yes I have many on my paper, time to start dwindling them down to where I am at now but yes they help big time :) I never expect anyone to give me their personal information, it's like actually duck hunting, scout scout scout and then its up to you to do it.  Anyone wanting my X is barking up the wrong tree.  Same with call making.  Information Information Information and then go for it :)  Thanks guys.
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Re: Basics when learning to tune toneboards
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I would recommend starting a new post and uploading a few pictures of your insert (side profile, top view, etc)  with the reed and cork in place.  Great bunch of guys on here.  They will probably give you some advice.