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Call Box Making Tutorial By Marsh Rat
« on: August 29, 2011, 01:43:29 AM »
Alrighty so when I got off work tonight I still had enough energy to do a tutorial for you guys  :tt2: I got my inspiration for making my boxes from Superdirt he has a video on here on how he does his which might help you out too.  Here is my attempt at a box making tutorial. It would have been alot better if I had done a video of me making them and for this tutorial I used tape to hold them together instead of hot glue that I normally use. So I buy a pack of 50 sheets of 12''x12'' card stock paper from Hobby Lobby. You can get it in pretty much any color but I get brown. 

I take a ruler and measure out 5'' from one side and from the same line I measue out to 5.25" the bigger 1/2 is the one that is your top box.

You will have a trash piece of card paper that is about 2'' wide and 12'' long.  I cut the 5'' and 5.25'' sections into two separate pieces.

Next, on the 5'' section I measure up 1.5'' and draw a line. On the 5.25'' section I measure up 1.7'' and also draw a line.

Then I fold the two sections at the line. Each section will have two layers of paper for the sides and one layer on the bottom.

Here also you will have a trash section that you cut off and then it will look like this.

Then I take and glue up the box to where there are two layers on the walls and one layer on the bottom of the box.

Next I cut a .7'' line up each side on the bottom of the big section and I cut a .5'' line up each side on the bottom of the small section.

Then I insert the bottom flap of the box inside the walls of box and glue it up.

One you have all of your sections glued up you will have yourself a box.

Hope this helps you guys out a little bit if you run into any trouble with it just let me know.

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Re: Call Box Making Tutorial By Marsh Rat
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 12:36:45 PM »
How heavy duty is that paper? I think if I read it 100 more times I will understand :1eye: (I was never good at origami :devil2:)  A video would certainly help... Thanks, I'll try this once I get it  :stickman1: :hysterical:~Andre