Registration Agreement

Please READ this.  

You MUST use your Real Name, Your Business Name or a Combination of the Two as your Screen Name (Displayed Name - the name people see when you are logged on)  on this site.  

There are no exceptions to this policy and your account will be deleted if you use ANYTHING other than one of the 4 examples below.

Your business name  as in ....   THO Game Calls
Your First and Last Name  as in .......  Al Woodard
Your First Initial and Last Name  as in ......  A Woodard
A combination of your name and business name  as in ......   Al @ THO Game Calls  

The screen name policy is in place to help keep the forum free of spam and friendly for all to use and enjoy.   It is non negotiable and we will delete any account that does not adhere to this policy.  

The only other thing we ask is that you be polite and respectful to the other members and staff.  

Al @ THO Game Calls

AL Woodard
Owner, THO Game Calls

STOP   Most people are smart enough to have read the couple of lines above.  If your account is deleted when you come back, you were not one of them