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nice carp
« on: August 27, 2010, 04:17:07 PM »
We do A LOT of night fishing here in central PA, but for a change we went out on the boat. The rest of the guys were bass fishing but i hooked a handfull of raw chicken liver and tossed her in. In about 5 minutes my rod flew out of the boat, but i just caught it and boy oh boy the line started screamin out. I turned up the drag but then the line tension was way too tight so it just kept taking line, almost spooled me three different times took 20 minutes to bring it in, (I know this doesn't seem to bad for you serious flat head catchers but I never experienced a fish that big!!!) I was so excited and i knew it had to be a huge catfish and then i got it to the boat and realized it was CARP! but it was still pretty awsome. it was 38 inches and weighed 27 pounds

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