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New vacuum chamber
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:11:37 AM »
I have recently built my vacuum chamber.  I'm using a 10" PVC Water Line pipe for the chamber; it stands 12" tall.  For the bottom, I chose 3/4" thick PVC (12" x 12").  I used a router and cut a 1/4" deep groove for the pipe to set into the bottom plate and used pvc cement to seal it up. For the top, I chose a 3/4" clear acrylic 12" x 12".  I cut a 1" wide round gasket to fit the rim of the chamber.  Currently using a Harbor Freight vacuum pump. 

I am getting fantastic results from spalted woods like Hackberry, Tamarind, Maple, etc...  I am having not so good luck with Claro Walnut.  After 10 hours of continuous vacuum at 29+ in/Hg", I'm still getting "slight" air bubbles out of the Walnut.  After some research, I'm reading that Walnut, in general, does not really like to be stabilized.  I have also read that some professional companies can get good results with Walnut. 

I am using Curtis' Cactus Juice.  I've read that the Cactus Juice does not have an effect of your vacuum pump.  I have a question for anyone who may have tried this?  Regarding the Claro Walnut, I'm wondering if replacing Cactus Juice with Teak Oil and repeating the same process will yield a better result?  My main concern with pulling Teak Oil into a vacuum is will this damage my pump?

If I attempt this, I'm thinking of turning a blank to shape, then pulling that shape into a vacuum with teak oil, allow to soak, then let it dry for a good period of time.  Since I will not place the teak oil soaked shape into my oven, I'm hopeful the shape does not change?

Has anyone attempted to pull teak oil into a vacuum?
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Re: New vacuum chamber
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 08:41:38 AM »
I have had great luck with black walnut in general. Using the Catus Juice.  Ow I have found the dryer the wood the better. I will bake my wood ahead of time to make sure it is dry. Let it cool and then stabilize it.

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