Author Topic: CCAA April 2017 featured call of the month - Everett Balderidge  (Read 1237 times)

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Born and raised in Hardy, Arkansas, this 78 year old craftsman still makes calls that are very sought after by collectors.  After almost 40 years making calls, Everett has zeroed in on what is his "EB" style call looks like, and man is it fantastic.  Everett uses inlay material to accent many of his calls, and also carves acorns, guns and ducks in some.  If he's not out squirrel hunting, baling hay, or checking cows, he will be in his small shop turning out what is and will be for many years to come, "Works of Art."

To see the call, visit:

You won't get money rich in this hobby.  The richness is in the culture, the craft, the friends you meet along the way, and being able to call in a wary game animal with a call that you made with your own hands.