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VECtor Calls:
With turkey season coming, my mind is leaning towards owl calls again. I see this section has a few posts and a HUGE amount of views per thread. I feel this is a call that is not getting much research to find the magic ticket, since it is a secondary call to a hunt.

Anyone else putting any extreme research into doing something different this spring?

I can't roll my tongue, and I feel that is to my advantage, because I am driving to make a decent sounding caller where you do not have to roll your tongue. Tongue rollers can usually make a pretty awesome owl hoot with no call at all, just cupped hands.

B Hoover:
If anyone could figure it out, I'd put my money on you.

VECtor Calls:
Haha!  I was hoping there might be a group of folks interested in playing.

Prairie Game Calls:
I can use my voice to make a owl call so I'm never without. I like to build mine with a 1/4" exhaust hole for back pressure rather than straight thru hole. I also make the keg style which is a good one for a quiet morning. My reeded call is a good wake the dead owl call. I do a Mylar reeded version and I also use the JC Reeds too. Lots of options out there.


Jeff @ Tucker Ridge Callers:
I know I'm a year behind, but I just turned my first hooter. A change up from trumpet calls.  I turned my own guts and have sound, but its not very good. I'm wondering if the Mylar I used for a reed is to thin. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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