Author Topic: 2nd Speck Call Prototype  (Read 4616 times)

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2nd Speck Call Prototype
« on: November 23, 2016, 08:19:39 PM »
I spent a lot of time trying to get my first prototype sounding right, and while I got it sounding OK, it was terrible to operate. Heavy on the air and pretty difficult to control overall.

I was buying a few things from Wade's Webfoot page and saw he had some Speck guts available and bought a few sets.

This new proto is designed around those guts. Huge improvement. This call nails it. Easy to operate. I can do all the sounds with minimal air and it is very controllable. Those guts work well, and after a several different sets of modifications, I finally got the backpressure right!

I also made some construction changes with this one. Changed the shape slightly to allow some tolerances during construction and to account for the deformation of the O-rings and the gutsert. Finally, I built this one from Santos Rosewood as I knew it would cut and drill nicely as well as finish up nicely (much easier to work compared to the fiddleback maple that I used for my first prototype..). Of course, I had to add a little color with the bois d'arc cap and padauk stripe.

Really happy with this one. Will be taking it on a duck/speck hunting trip here in a couple weeks and hope to give it a real field test. :duck:

There's a duck call in that block of wood. I just have to find it!

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Re: 2nd Speck Call Prototype
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2016, 11:44:03 PM »
Great looking call...