Author Topic: A good weekend on the alfalfa fields  (Read 2027 times)

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A good weekend on the alfalfa fields
« on: April 10, 2015, 12:19:03 PM »
I got out for an early weekend on the alfalfa fields last weekend for some well deserved trigger time. We've had an early spring out here this year, so alot of the adults are up and running around early. These sage rats are about the size of a big grey squirrel, but they dig holes that will rival a badger. We go out with rimfires a couple of times a year to try to thin the herd a bit and protect the crops. My good friend Dale (the land owner) showed us a corner that he was having trouble with, so we set up a couple of benches and a makeshift blind and had at it. There was only 2 of us this year, so we took our time and really concentrated on making good shots. I only shot 120 rounds of 17 HMR over the 2 days, but the last hour we were on the field we didn't see anything move at all.

 These are a few of the "not blown apart" pictures from the hunt. Most of these shots were in the 150 to 175 yard range using the Hornady V-max 17gr bullets.

My biggest fear is that I'll die and my wife will sell my callmaking supplies for what I told her they cost.....