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Signature Lines (Sig Line)
« on: December 29, 2014, 10:20:49 AM »
No banners, photos, or other images are allowed in Signature Lines unless placed there by the Staff of THO Game Calls.   

We recognize members who win or place in call making competitions (as space allows) with a small banner, linked to their winning entry if available.  We are proud of our members who compete in these contest, and reserve this space to recognize their accomplishments.  ( If we miss your accomplishment, please contact one of the staff and we will fix it)

You may use a Text Link to your web site or Facebook page in your sig line.   If you would like, I will insert the code for you.  Just send me a Personal Message with your Web Site or Facebook Address and how you want it titled.   ie.....   Joes Custom Calls on Facebook     or   Bobs Custom Calls   and I will take care of it.  There is no charge for this.  It's a freebie.   

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