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Registering for an Account of the Forum
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:59:04 AM »
Registration is Free, and we encourage all new members to Introduce themselves in the Members Area first before posting in the forums. 

Please keep in mind that you MUST use your Real Name, Your Business Name, or a combination of the two as your Displayed Name or Screen Name on this site.   

There are no exceptions to this policy and your account will be deleted if you use ANYTHING other than one of the 4 examples below.

Your business name  as in ....   THO Game Calls
Your First and Last Name  as in .......  Al Woodard
Your First Initial and Last Name  as in ......  A Woodard
A combination of your name and business name  as in ......   Al @ THO Game Calls 

There are two reasons for this policy.

1)  in the past, we have had people from other boards, sites, and social media come here to cause trouble by taking out some perceived wrong they think one of our members did to them by posting personal grievances in the forums, or to belittle beginning call makers, while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.  There is no place for that on this site.

2)  spam bots register on forums and post all sorts of nasty stuff, and we never knew if they were real people until the spam happened.  This policy protects our members from this kind of thing.   

The Screen Name Policy is Non Negotiable.  If there appears to be a question about your Screen Name, we will contact you via Personal Message and E Mail to try and clarify the situation.   If you do not respond within 24 hours, your account will be deleted.

About Legacy Members

There are several members on this site whose Screen Names do not conform to this policy.  These members have been with us since the beginning of the site, and as such, we allow them to keep the names they originally registered with. 
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