Author Topic: Elk Calls for my Buddy  (Read 3081 times)

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Elk Calls for my Buddy
« on: August 22, 2013, 01:00:14 PM »
This is a picture of a set of calls that I made for my buddy so he and his wife can have fun with the PA Elk herd this fall.  The Bite Type call has a set of Al's mouth pieces sent into the call body both of which are Dymondwood Black/Charcoal.  The Open Reed call has a Dark Blue Alumilite cast mouth piece which was cast from one of my original mouth pieces to give the call a black & blue look to it.  The calls look much nicer in person and both sound awesome, at least in my opinion!!!

Thanks for the look.

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Re: Elk Calls for my Buddy
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Very Nice