Author Topic: CNC's and Call Making - info  (Read 12275 times)

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Re: CNC's and Call Making - info
« Reply #15 on: September 17, 2016, 07:23:20 PM »
So what Cmc do I go buy to be able to complete calls fast an accurately never been in the market what do I ask/ look for

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Re: CNC's and Call Making - info
« Reply #16 on: September 17, 2016, 09:37:54 PM »
Not enough info to even begin making a suggestion...
Kind of calls (duck?  Goose? And if youre doing sound boards too or just turning), your definition of fast and accurately (Id guess what might be fast to you could be a snails pace to others) and above all else, your budget and then likely, accessibility to 3 phase electricity follows shortly behind the definition of speed and accurate.

I would say very few people make/sell enough calls to justify purchasing the machine, setting up, purchasing tooling, learning, and then running it to justify the cost, and for it to be financially justifiable. 

Quick run down... I got off very cheap starting out...  way cheap.  Cheaper than I have seen anything since - for the quality and capability of the machine I got.   I had over 10k in just machine and tooling just to be able to turn a call to the level of quality I felt needed to be done.  But, a friend let me keep the machine in his shop, where he had 3phase electricity already.  That doesnt count software, and the time learning, consequential screw ups and associated repair costs.

When we moved, on top of having to put up the shop we had to bring in electricity.  But we got lucky with the 3 phase install... we had lines run right by the shop.  5k later we had 3 phase on the pole, down to a meter.  Another 5k to get it from the pole to the panel in the shop.  The other option was to go with single phase and run a phase converter - the quality ones were about 5k for one large enough to run the one lathe, but also had the mill to run, so that was an expensive way to go and we opted for bringing in 3 phase.

I know some guys go with the hobby machines or make their own... they will do the work... but from friends I have talked to, fast is not a word one would use to describe them.  And accuracy reports varied from machine to machine.  Some good... some bad... and some ugly.
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