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Re: Day 1
« Reply #15 on: September 19, 2013, 07:57:18 PM »
hello mac, im new to this site. those are some wonderful knives. my question is are you forging these or using other methods, my father is a master blacksmith who originally started with making knives. he had spent around 10 years making knives before he discovered another world of blacksmithing. before he slowed on making knives, his specialty was forging cable demascus and making numerous other styles of knives. i can later show pictures of some of his creations. the handles on these knives really are amazing and really "set it off". Overall you have done a wonderful job and these are truely some beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.

B. I haven't had the opportunity all summer to work with Verne on any knives. Our schedules once again are not on par and I've been covered up making calls. He occasionally uses Damascus steel but unfortuanly doesn't forge his own...FDR may chime in or you can PM him directly and ask questions as he is a knife maker and could point ya in the direction your looking for welcome to the site may wanna go to members page and let everyone know a little about yourself and where your from aswell